ULBC | Membership
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offers a platform to support your business strategy and combine it with your personal interests when dealing with Luxembourg and Ukraine. ULBC Membership is highly recommended to  businesses and individuals who wish to promote their company’s profile within the Ukrainian and Luxembourgish business community. Through ULBC events, you will be able to exchange knowledge and skills with renowned business experts across many industries. In addition, you will discover how to evaluate specific investment strategies.



Select Your Preferred Payment Method

I would like to pay by Bank Transfer

  1. Download the Registration form, fill in all the information required and select the  desired type of membership.
  2. Send us an e-mail with a scan or a picture  of your filled out form to connect@ulbc.lu
  3. Finally, transfer the money for the selected membership to the ULBC bank account:


LU95 0019 5155 2875 5000


Your Membership Confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail upon the receipt of your registration form and payment. 

I would like to pay via PayPal

No matter if you have a PayPal account or not, using this payment method you can become a ULBC member within minutes. It accepts credit card payment in addition to PayPal.

Please select the desired membership type by clicking on the dropdown list (little arrow). If you are on a mobile device, simply tap on the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP and select the one you desire. You will receive an automatic payment notification from PayPal upon completing your yearly subscription.